Work Bench System

The most flexible work bench system you can get. With item’s work bench system, you start from a base and then assemble the work bench that best suits your production with the help of hundreds of components. The work bench is also very easy and flexible to change into another combination when production changes. item’s work bench system really is an intelligent, ergonomic and flexible way to work!

Sub categories


Your own customised work bench configured from our broad, standardised portfolio – fast, flexible, economical and ergonomic.

Work bench accessories

The range of accessories available from item enables users to customise their work benches.


Added comfort and reduced strain – the keys to boosting employee performance at the work bench

Power and data supply

For us, ergonomics and health and safety start right from the power supply.


Work bench lighting is one of the most underestimated influences on work.

Information provision

Practical solutions for holding your information – with innovative work bench accessories from item. Work benches are nodal points in a networked production system.

ESD equipment

The safe dissipation of electrostatic discharges (ESD) is a basic requirement for modern work benches.

Tool supply

New, innovative accessories for the work bench – the item range of holders. Whether hooks, holders, tool holders or magnetic holders – we have thought of everything!

Material supply

You can use pivot arms, trays, container mountings and parts containers to optimise the supply and picking of workpieces, small parts and working materials.

Work bench interlinking

Flexible structures of group work benches and production islands support integrated checking procedures, independent process control and high-productivity manufacturing.


The best organisers are extremely flexible. Exactly like the new item SystemMobiles.

New products

The item MB Building Kit System is continuously being expanded to include new products.


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