Shaker Conveyor

With a shaker conveyor, you have endless opportunities, you can transport the products, sort products and separating products from coolants or dust etc. Shaker conveyor is electrically driven and can handle a maximum total product weight of 30 kg and an a max speed of 8 m / min.

Shake sheet built tailored to the product you are shipping by us. To see more how shaker conveyor works so watch our video about the uses of shaker conveyor.

Now there are two models of Shaker Conveyor.

The first is called ECS-121 is 68mm high and can carry up to 30kg. Now Launches AluFlex an ultra-compact electric shaker conveyor.

ECS-141 and Clean Line 141. The installation height is 47 mm, can carry up to 15kg, simplifies installation in tools where only air-powered options previously available. The market best options with their monitoring and reliability eliminating costly stoppages!