Pallet Conveyors

Increase the efficiency of your production with Aluflex pallet conveyors!

We offer a flexible and cost-effective pallet conveyor system suitable for assembly lines using automatic or manually controlled workstations.
The TLM 1000 and TLM 2000 pallet conveyor systems are based on standard components, which create many possibilities when laying out assembly lines. This also reduces the duration of implementation and inspections. The system is very easy to extend and modify.
Arguments for our pallet conveyors are:
1. Pallets customised for the products with sizes between 100 and 400 mm wide
2. Flexible solutions
3. Cost-effective 
4. Easy assembly 
5. All components are available in CAD files
On request, all sections are delivered partially assembled from Aluflex, for easy assembly on site.
We help you to dimension and design your pallet conveyor solution.