Rack and Pinion

Aluflex offers Atlanta's full range of rack and pinion system including gearboxes. Atlanta offers one of the world's widest ranges of rack and pinion system. The range includes something for every movement, from the simplest racks to the highest imaginable precision, down to +/-0.02 mm repetition accuracy.
Rack and Pinion system are very useful when you want:
1. Telescopic movements
2. Permanent motor drives 
3. Long Z-axes 
4. Heavier, faster movements 
5. Longer precise movements
When you need a quote for our rack and pinion system, please fill in our sizing document for rack and pinion and contact us with your movement values, and Aluflex will dimension and present a total rack and pinion system solution with gearbox, pinions and racks based on the precision and requirements you set for the movement.