D30 Tube System

Save Money and Time with our simplest system " D30 " !

Items D30 Tube System is the largest and most flexible piping .
Items D30 system is optimized for continuous improvement in the workplace.
With the system in the D30 created tools and equipment that require little planning efforts and some materials . This provides a good foundation for the success of the goals set out for an optimized production , reducing the need for current assets. All according to the principles of Lean Production .
Please check out our film regarding the philosophy behind D30 and Lean Production

Second-generation building systems optimized for Lean Production .

What does an intelligent interconnect technology that ensures high durability .
Modern clutches require no retightening and shows no setting behavior
since these are based on pipe and fittings in aluminum.
To avoid complicated access points using
the D30 minimally with different connection types.

Efficiency and quality !

Using the D30 system , we combine maximum
stability with minimal planning and installation effort.
Here you will find a number of application examples , these you can download as a 3D PDF .
application examples

D30 gives you the advantage that it can be modified and improved in place without lavish drawings . The molds thus the principles of lean production that seeks flexibility , with sparse inputs as well as the highest quality.

D30 constantly evolving, giving more and more effective option for each year. Additionally, compatibility with Item standard profile system and workbench systems almost endless possibilities.
Here you will find the latest news in our D30 system


D30 is designed so that no complicated drawings needed.
But of course there are all the articles to download the CAD format:
These are both in our online catalog as well as on solid components :
Catalogue / Cad
CAD files

Delivery from Aluflex usually occurs in three ways:

Loose articles and the entire profile length :

You are doing all the cutting of profiles themselves , we have large stock , which most times gives quick delivery to you .

kit :

A final solution is prepared with us , and delivers complete and ready to be mounted .
This with cut off profiles and components from our catalog.
These kits are precented by the customer, Aluflex or together.

mounted :

Aluflex stands for processing and assembly. The solution comes from the client or Aluflex or together.

We at Aluflex will help you of course !

Do you need help to carry out complete solutions, we can help you with everything from the concept and solution proposal for prefabricated solutions.

We are happy to visit you and help you with the solutions you need.
Together, we will review your needs and develop the solutions that will give you good results.