Telescopic Solutions

Normal telescopic application

Here we show a normal application for our telescopic LCAH rails. A drawer with 100% pullout.

Telescopic rail with inbuilt stop function

Here we show a LCAS telescopic rail, where we have built in a stop function using a spring pin to hold the telescopic rail locked in its retracted position. In this case, the rail can be opened easily by pressing a button.   
Aluflex installs this on the LCAS rails on request.

Telescopic X-Y movement

Here we show a telescopic X-Y movement for a rolling machine, where the product is drawn out manually in an X-Y movement using parallel LCAH telescopic rails. The first picture shows the retracted position.

Here is the X-Y movement in extended position.

Telescopic special solution 150%

It is also possible using our products to build telescopic solutions exceeding 100%. Here is a solution with 150% telescopic movement. In this case, at Aluflex we either build the solution for our customers or support our customers with special solutions that are appropriate for their purposes.