X Line Stand

Here, we have assembled a machine stand for our customer using X Line profiles. All sides facing outwards are covered for a neat and clean look. The application stands in a clean room environment and strict requirements are therefore set for the ease of cleaning. For this reason, the customer has used our X Line profile series, which has covered sides facing outwards and no curved radii in any corner.  

This means that all external surfaces are without cavities or spots that are difficult to keep clean. An excellent product for applications such as clean rooms or environments with strict requirements for cleanliness.

XMS stand

Here, we have assembled a machine stand for our customer using XMS profiles. All sides are covered and all glass doors are sealed. The customer gives the solution top marks for its low noise level and the extremely easy cable pulling. With the help of the XMS profiles, the customer can now run all of their cables in the stand's frame and out to the machine unit in our matching cable ducts.   

In addition, if the XMS profile system is used, it also looks twice as good as the competition's stand, which, at Aluflex, we think is great to hear!

Hand driven linear stand

Here we have a hand driven linear movement for X and Y, a coordinate table for measurements. By building the stand in aluminium profiles, the mounting of linear guides is made very easy and there is no need for processing. 

The Linear Guides fasten without processing into the aluminium profiles and the carriages directly into the aluminium track; an example of how easy it is to save time and money!