Straight Modular Belt Conveyors CAB

Modular conveyor with many interesting features!

Modular conveyor CAB is a stable and robust conveyor that is always built completely straight and has many different modular band options. The module band is always adapted to the product. This modular conveyor can vary in width from 155 to 3000 mm, and the length can be very long, exactly the maximum length is set when we calculate the total load on the track.
 Module straps are available in a wide area, with built-in beads and rolls for lateral movements, alternative mesh straps when you want liquids or other to flow through the strap.

The CAB Module conveyor also has many interesting options for lateral movements:

Sideways with built-in conveyor belt: The module belt has built-in rolls, and here we build a conveyor belt conveyor inside the CAB Modult conveyor, which then drives the rollers that provide a side shift. Suitable for fatigue, product concentration etc.
See below movie
Side movements with built-in rolls on module strips: Here we select a module band with built-in rollers that are set for your move. The product then goes against an arrest, as the rollers on the belt move laterally

Current CAD files Aluflex now draws up a complete modular conveyor solution tailored to your requirements and sends it in the desired cad format.

Film Straight Modular Belt Conveyors CAB