Flexible Modular Belt Conveyors FlexToo

A robust modular conveyor that offers great flexibility!

Modult conveyor Flextoo is a stable and robust carrier that offers many alternatives to building a flexible product flow. With Modult Transportor Flextoo, you can easily build product flow with swings in customized grade, as well as increasing and falling grades. Each Flextoo modular conveyor is tailored to customer demand for product flow.

Flextoo Modular Conveyor offers the following flexibility:

• Swings: Here we can curve the turn from 0 to 180 degrees as well as offer the possibility of building spirals.

• Ascending and Descending: We can build from 0-90 degrees ascending or descending product flow.

Flextoo Modular conveyor is available in widths between 227 - 650 mm and can take large loads on long lengths. A major advantage is that this Modular conveyor can handle the majority of turns on one and the same engine operation, and providing a cost-effective product solution.

We can also put on this conveyor various types of accessories for the modular tires, such as braces, rubber bands in the belt for increased friction, and treating the belt with different types of coatings to fit the product optimally.

Current CAD files Aluflex now draws up a complete modular conveyor solution tailored to your requirements and sends it in the desired cad format

Film Flexible Modular Belt Conveyors FlexToo