Linear Module Applications

Linear module application with belt gear

A linear module application driven by a ball screw via a belt gear. Here we have built a solution with belt gears integrated into the linear module as requested by the customer. The linear modules are easily attached to steel stands or aluminium profiles using our fastener accessories, available for all of our linear modules.

Parallel driven linear modules

Here we have an automation solution in which we drive two linear modules in parallel with one motor and a countershaft in between. This application assembles small units with great precision. Our LM and KE modules deliver high and uniform repetition accuracy and they are particularly suitable for applications with high requirements for accuracy.

Left and right-handed JM module

The JM modules can also be modified so they have right and left handed threads with two tables. In other words, these two tables move towards each other because we combined a right-handed thread screw and a left-handed thread screw on the same screw.
This function is particularly suitable, for example, in a support screw function.