Faber Chain Conveyors

Our chain conveyor Faber offers a very wide range of different construction possibilities. The chain conveyor is in the widths between 45 - 275 mm and has a variety of chain options and many different possibilities of building such as:

Swings: from 0 to 180 degrees and also possible to build spirals. Degrees in turns are adjusted as desired.

Ascending and Falling: 0 - 180 degrees in ascending and descending, gradient adjustments as desired. With our chain conveyors we build customized product flow, from smaller to larger applications. A big advantage is the ability to make long drives with a small number of engines. Our chain tracks are available in widths from 45 to 275 mm and with a variety of chains, as well as many other accessories to customize the paths to each product.

Lifting products: You can also build the entire product flow that goes 90 degrees straight up with the flaps attached to the chain, lifting the product straight into the flow.

• Various options of materials in the chain to suit different types of environments such as Food, Antistatic Environment, Cleanroom

• Various types of accessories for the chain to perform optimal transport of products such as, carrier, surface coating, rubber flaps (for lifting of product), rolling wheels, etc.

Side support on the conveyor is adapted in height and material to the product
With Faber Chain Conveyors, you can drive long lanes with the majority of turns with just one engine, making chain conveyors cost-effective and easy to build flexible product flows.

Current CAD files, Aluflex lists a complete chain conveyor solution tailored to your requirements and sends it in the desired cad format.

Film Faber Chain Conveyors