Robot Track System RTS30

Technical Data Aluflex Robot Track System

600Kg 1200 Kg
Max Load: Kg 600 1200
Max Speed: m/s 2 2
Acceleration: m/s2 1,4 1
Precision: mm +/-0,025 +/-0,025
Height: mm 298 298
Standard modul length: meter 4 4
Stroke: meter 100 100

AluFlex Robot Track System RTS30 is a highperformance servodriven and floor mounted Robot track system made for one or two robotplates
The robot Track System can take a total load up to 1200 kg and the track can be build upp to 100 meter with a maximum speed of 2 m/s 
It can be used to move a robot from one station to another, or to extend the scope of the robot, such as when the robot is working over larger components or in between two components.
The Robot Track system can easily be customized to your needs.